Dianne Lay

PRINTS: these are reproductions of my original watercolor paintings. 

STUDIES: these are original paintings, done as a study for larger works or to practice a particular technique.

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FRAMING: Note that prices include shipping (continental US) but do not include mat or frame. Once received, you may take the painting to your local framer, or obtain supplies online, that will enhance the painting and fit into your own decor. 

**Some of the paintings are available with frame and/or mat. The painting can include the frame and/or mat  for additional shipping costs. If you live in the vicinity of Sunriver, Oregon I can arrange for  personal delivery rather than incurring shipping charges. Please mention your desire for the frame and/or mat in your request to purchase and I can provide further photos with the framed and/or matted painting.



Print - giclee

Image Size:   a) 13.5h x 4.5 w   or   b) 28h x 9.5w                       

Frame size (suggested)**:  a) 18h x 9w   or   b) 39h x 17w 

Price:  a) $95   or   b) $150

This painting was inspired by Sahalie Falls along the McKenzie river in Oregon. For those of you who have been there, I of course took artistic liberty by increasing its height and decreasing its width. I loved the thought of the double falls, but wanted a strong vertical format.

Evening Thoughts.jpeg



Image Size:   9h x 18w          

Frame size (suggested)**:  18h x 24w  

Price:  $45

This painting was inspired by Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park. We were staying in a cabin next to the lake. One evening after dinner we decided to go down to the lake. The evening colors were magnificent!



Original Watercolor Study

Image Size:  11.5h x 8w                    

Frame size (suggested):  20h x 16w

Price:  $55

I decided to paint whites. This takes practice to show many colors within the white shape. This one got a little away from me, resulting in more of a peach tone than I intended. But I still felt it radiated light from within!




Image Size:  13h x 9w         

Frame size (suggested):**   18h x 14w

Price:  $45

While working at a non-profit gallery one day I decided to mix ink with watercolor. There was a show coming up featuring dahlias so I decided to paint a dahlia. I drew the flower with ink then used the wet-in-wet method to add touches of color over the paper. The background was added after the sheet was dry, again using wet-in-wet so the dark colors would blend. Always a fun technique.  The result reminded me of a kaleidoscope! And yes, the painting did win an award!



Original Watercolor Study

Image Size:  7h x 5w                    

Frame size (suggested):**  10h x 8w

Price:  $25

While hiking the trail at Fall River in Central Oregon my husband took photos of the wildflowers. This was an interesting one so I chose this flower to practice some different techniques.  This technique is wet-in-wet which is always my personal favorite - it is so fun to paint this way even though there is a significant lack of control!

Wild Abandon.jpeg


Original Watercolor Study

Image Size:  13.5h x 20 w                

Frame size (suggested):  20h x 26w      

Price: $45

This painting was an exercise in creativity. I randomly flung paint onto the paper. Once done I studied it from different angles until I came up with an idea. My childhood love of horses came to the forefront. The exercise was done with wild abandon on my part and the resulting image of the horses are running through the waves in wild abandon.