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Thank you for viewing my paintings. They have been a labor of love and I do hope you enjoy them!

These are original watercolor paintings, done on Arches Aquarelle, 100% cotton paper with professional watercolors.

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Wild Velvet
Image: 20h x 20w
Framed: 28h x 28w (may be purchased without frame)
Price: $660 framed + shipping

I was at the right place at the right time. We were on a bike ride and as I turned on the path I startled this deer. We stopped and watched him for 20 minutes while he just continued grazing on the bushes while walking beside the path! Props to my husband for the many amazing photos he took from which to compose this painting.
Image size: 20h x 20w
Suggested frame size: 28h x 28w
Price: $325

This one was just fun to paint! I used an unusual brush that I hadn't used much, but it sure was lively to hit the paper with it and make the swirls that produced the hair. I used my photo as a screensaver at work for a few years until I retired and finally had the time to do the painting that had been percolating in my mind for several years!
Early Morning Finds
Image size: 19.5h x 13.5w
Suggested frame size: 26h x 20w **
Price: $325

I was at Canon Beach, OR with Mom and two sisters, walking on the beach and playing Hand and Foot for the weekend. Up early one morning to see the sand dollars - and snap a picture. This painting will always remind me of that weekend!
Each Its Own
Image size: 9h x 18.5w
Suggested frame size: 16h x 26w **
Price: $280

Glacier National Park was a wonderful trip that my husband and I had one year. It resulted in a series of 8 paintings. This one includes the peaks Matapi, Going-To-The-Sun, and Heavy Runner mountains.  I really loved the colors and emphasized them in the rendition of meadow and backdrop of mountains.
Take a Peek
Image size: 11.25h x 29.25w
Framed: 18h x 36w (may be purchased without frame) **
Price: $460 framed + shipping

This painting is the result of a happy accident on my computer. The photo was of the full rose, but when manipulating it on my computer, this close-up image appeared. I do not know how I did it but I was inspired to have just a peek of the rose.
Nani #2 Red Ginger
Image size: 29.25h x 11.25w
Suggested frame size: 36h x 18w **
Price: $325

My sisters and I went to Maui with our mother-a wonderful trip. We toured a flower plantation while there. When I got home I ordered flowers direct from Hawaii to paint them. They ended up in a series of 8 paintings for a show I named "Nani"-the Hawaiian word for beauty.
* I later revised the painting to add the black background and paint a gold edge on the mat.
Imitations Of Winter
Image size: 11h x11w
Framed: 20h x20w (may be purchased without frame)
Price: $260 framed + shipping

I took the bus to work every morning. The papery aspect of the birch trees at the stop really struck me one morning, so I took pictures. The black and white nature of the images lent itself to the "Black White and Gray" show at Keizer Art Association every November. So, this was done using only black pigment and lots of painstaking detail!
Are Ya' Comin?
Image size: 19.25h x 8w
Suggested frame size: 27.5h x 16w
Price: $295

Aspen Lake in Sunriver is home to a pair of trumpeter swans, Gracie & Gus. This is their brood of four cygnets in 2019. The wonderful yellows of the trees and grasses caught my interest and decided to add Grace and her 4 cygnets. It was fun coming up with this story & painting!
Image size: 21h x 11w
Suggested frame size: 30h x 19w
Price: $295

While attending the Sisters Quilt Show I walked past this tree. I just loved the colorful little leaves growing out of the gnarled knot in the trunk. The tree had a cool cast to it which juxtaposed with the warm hues of the leaves. It looked so beautiful that I wanted to capture that beautiful contrast.
Midnight Magic
Image size: 10.75h x 29w
Suggested frame size: 22h x 40w **
Price: $325

This was inspired by the beautiful mountains to the east of McDonald Lake in Glacier National Park. The same scene that inspired "Evening Thoughts" that can be seen on the Prints & Studies page. I chose to make this a night scene, add a moon and show the glow of the full moon on the lake.  This is what I image it would look like if I had been up at midnight!
Image size: 9.5h x 28w
Suggested frame size: 18 x 36w **
Price: $325

I was doodling in paint one day and came up with these trees. I really liked the abstract quality and decided to use them in a painting. I added the snow and the deer and splattered white opaque paint for a touch of snowfall.  The title came from the way I felt when I looked at it. I felt like I was outside with everything so still around me.
Path Less Taken
Image size: 18.75h x 13w
Suggested frame size: 25h x 19w **   
Price: $280

My husband and I were at Crater National Park. It was late in the day but we had started a trail to the east of the lodge. When we got up high we saw this view of the sun setting. Yes, we needed to hurry back down because we did not have flashlights, but I just had to get a picture of the sun. That, with the addition of another picture of the trees became this painting.
Language of Flowers
Image size: 18h x 24w
Suggested frame size: 18h x 24w **
Price: $150

This was done several years ago but have not shown it for some time. I decided that it should be shown - someone may relate to it! I was doing calligraphy (which I can no longer do) and decided to incorporate that using watercolor.
*This piece is offered with the mat included.
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